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Notre Dame College was first established at Luxmibazar, Old Dhaka in November 1949 with the name “St. Gregory College”. In 1954-55, the institution was transferred to Arambagh, Motijheel from its initial location of Dhaka with the present name – “Notre Dame”, referring to Mary or Maryam, mother of Jesus Christ.

It was established by the Roman Catholic Priests from the Congregation of Holy Cross because of the crisis in the education sector of newborn East Pakistan. It was known as the St. Gregory College, an extension of the St. Gregory’s School, which was also established by the mission.

It was relocated to its current location in Motijheel in 1954 and renamed Notre Dame College. The new name was a tribute to the University of Notre Dame, the alma mater of many of the faculty members.

Since the 1980s, Notre Dame College gained the reputation of the best institution for higher secondary education in the country. The highest number of perfect GPA holders in the national examination (H.S.C.) and the exceptional success of its students in university admission tests bear testimony to this.

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